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Replace Notepad with Editpad (or another editor)

Nick KarnikNick Karnik

I use Editpad in Windows and in spite of changing the default editor setting from Notepad to Editpad a lot of programs still open up in Notepad.

Here's how to change it!

Make changes to the following folders:

  • C:\Windpows
  • C:\WindowsSystem32
  • C:\WindowsSysWOW64 (for 64-bit version)

Step-by-step process:

  1. Create a backup of Notepad.exe

  2. Take control of Notepad.exe (From TrustedInstaller to Administrator) - Right click Notepad.exe and select properties


  • Click the Security Tab -> Advanced button -> Owner Tab -> Edit button


  • Change owner to Administrators and click ok (Accept any prompts and come back to the properties window)


  • Click Edit and grant Administrators full control of the file


  • Now, you should be able to delete notepad.exe
  1. Copy your Editpad executable (Or other favorite editor EXE) as Notepad.exe into the above folders

  2. Repeat the process for other two folders

  3. Test your setup by typing notepad in DOS